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We Meat Your Needs!

As the slogan states, H&R Foods consistently provides high quality “Center of the Plate” value to our customers through out the High Plains!

From aged Ribeyes delivered to the corner Restaurant to a truck load of meat trim sold to a large further meat processing company H&R Foods focus is always on high quality meats at wholesale pricing. Our relationships with Beef, Pork and Poultry companies for over forty years makes H&R Foods LP. Stand out as competitive leader in pricing. Add to that ” High customer service levels” and you can rest assured when it comes to your food service needs!

Truck Load Pricing
Accommodating our customers with the vast  array of merchandise needed. In the food service industry is our ability to procure these items in truckload quantities. Working  through “Golbon” a nationwide  food distributor  network of nearly 200 Independent  food companies provides H&R Foods a platform that guarantees high quality products that truly are wholesale when it comes to pricing! Reduced freight cost are achieved through H&R Foods company owned fleet of modern refrigerated trailers and trucks that are used In a custom “Supply chain management” business model to consistently reduce
The cost of transportation in the food service industry.

High Customer Service Levels
Controlling cost and providing high customer service levels are Key in the current economic climate and this is why H&R Foods can “Meat Your Needs” in the highly competitive  food service industry.Please, consider H&R  Foods , a family owned company with over 50 years of experience in Food Service!

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